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The Health Spa operates in a 30 hectare area: medicinal baths, an indoor swimming pool, a campsite, a sanatorium, a mineral water bottling plant and the Aquapark (Hungary’s first water entertainment park) wait for the visitors.

The spa has controlled and classified medicinal water at a temperature of 73°C, containing sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, metaboric acid, bromide, iodine and fluoride.

The medicinal water is suitable for the treatment of several groups of disorders, almost 40 types of treatment are provided under medical supervision.



chronic rheumatic fever, degenerative rheumatic transformations, different chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of backbone, chronic nerve-aches, neuritis, follow-up treatment of paralysis after Heide Medin disease just as developed in consequence of another cause, skin diseases, constriction of the blood vessels, chronic gynaecological diseases, barrenness and Betcherew-syndrom.



Acute inflammatory diseases, malignant tumour, insufficiency of the blood circulation, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, serious diseases of nervous system, infections and pregnancy.


The treatments are available in the newly built medical section:

Rheumatological examination

Massages (medical, refreshing, foot, Thai, lympho)

Medical gymnastics (individual, group, in a gym, underwater)

Balneotherapy (weight bath, mud pack, fango, underwater jet massage, effervescent/carbonated water bath)

Physiotherapy (cryotherapy, ultra sound)

Salt therapy


Laser shower

Cure packages (pause, after-care treatments, Bechterew, constriction of the vessels)


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