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Modern medicine:
Due to he developments, in Napfényfürdő Aquapolis in the vicinity of the Hotel a modern medical service unit with bigger capacity was established, where the treatment of musculoskeletal diesases and rehabilitation are possible.
The following facilities are available in the medicinal department: medicinal gymnastics; physiotherapy;  under-water jet massage (tangentor); carbon dioxide bath; medicinal tub-bath; mud wraps; under-water group gymnastics; medicinal pool; weight bath; medicinal healing massage. As result of the developments in the therapeutic wing a day hospital with 14 double rooms was also established - uniquely in Hungary. Guests can also avail themselves of blood-tests by Kohan Medical Diagnostics Laboratory. The water of the bath is nourished by the 70 degree warm sodium-hydrogencarbonated water of Dóra well, which is very beneficial for musculoskeletal, internal disorders and osteoporosis. In the therapeutic wing of Napfényfürdő a wide range of spa- and physiotherapeutic treatments under the direction of specialists are avaible .

musculoskeletal disorders (chronic degenerative musculoskeletal dieases; inactive stage of arhtritis; post-traumatic rehabilitation; rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery; osteoporosis, chronic back pain) and internal disorders (cardio-respiratory diseases; diseases of the respiratory system)

feverish stages, infectious diseases, malignant tumours, phlebitis, thrombosis, cardiovascular insufficiency, high blood pressure, post-myocardial infarction status (6 months), pregnancy, tubercolosis, epilepsy, open wound.

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Hydrotherapeutic treatments:
- Medicinal pool (In the three medicinal pools there is mineral water with different temperatures containing sodium-hydrogencarbonate. The length of the medicinal bath is between 15-40 minutes considering the general state of the patient.)
- Medicinal tub-bath (It takes place in a one-man tub and is supervised by balneotherapists.)
- Carbonated bath (It is primarily indicated for the complementary treatment of the disorders of the cardiovascular system and osteoporosis. The water enriched with carbon dioxide is beneficial for the circulation of the blood.)
- Weight bath (Patients are suspended in a medicinal pool at their neck or armpit. During suspension weights are placed around the waist or onto the ankles in order to mobilize the joints and the spine. It is indicated for the disorders of the discs and for stretching rigidity of the hip and the knees.)
- Mud wraps (This treatment takes place with medicinal mud of Hévíz, which detoxifies the skin and the whole body, accelerates the circulation of blood and recovers the missing minerals.)
- Under-water jet massage (Tangentor, lessens muscle tone and accelerates the circulation of blood in the peripheral veins.)
- Medicinal healing massage (Whole or partial massage by the doctor's instructions. Its effects: relieves pain and improves the circulation of blood.)
- Under-water medicinal gymnastics (Patients can do spine-, hip-, leg- and arm-shoulder gymnastics according to the diagnosis.)
- Complex spa treatment (It includes min. 4 different spa treatments by the balneotherapists' instructions.)

Physiotherapeutic treatments:
- Individual and group therapeutic gymnastics (Patients can learn the exercises according their diseases under the direction of physiotherapeusists.)
- Laser therapy (It has pain-relieving, inflammation reducing, immune modulating and bio-stimulating effects and improves the regeneration of tissues.)
- Ultrasound treatment (It speeds up blood flow, heats and relaxes the treated area by lymph-massage. It has pain-relieving effect and alleviates muscle stifness.)
- Iontophoresis (It is a muscle-relaxing, antispasmodic, pain-relieving and inflammation reducing electric treatment.)
- Galvanic current treatment (It has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect, it improves the irritability of the nerves and due to its vasodilator effect it is a successfully applied treatment for vasoconstriction.)
- TENS treatment (It reaches its anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effect primarily by the stimulation of the nerves.)

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